Is it possible to bargain with a approved used car dealer?

I am planning to buy USED a Honda Civic 1.8 from Honda Dealers. I know its possible to bargain with independent car dealers but can one try to bargain with Honda approved used car dealers. Also are there any other things one can ask as free extras or freebies of some kind.

Thanks in advance

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3 Responses to “Is it possible to bargain with a approved used car dealer?”

  1. EvelynThe ModifiedDog. says:

    Of course you can, it’s a buyers market, I’d be looking for a MINIMUM of 15% off, but you need to ask for more in the beginning. Also ask for lots of free stuff like warranty, tank of fuel, tax etc.

  2. C123 says:

    too right you can, you can haggle carcraft as an example… av heard of someone getting a years free insurance when buying a meriva…. if you go in looking to view, get help and let them take you around, go to the car you are wanting to buy, then say you would buy it there and then for whatever price, they will probly say no but meet you halfway sorta thing, if your not being rediulus asking for 3000 off haha

  3. Fairdo4all says:

    You know the old saying, if you don’t ask you cannot get. The Civic is a popular car so i doubt if you would get much of a discount, but every tenner they drop is an extra tenner in your pocket so try your haggling skills.

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