Is it possible to protect my no claims discount without currently owning a car?

I do not currently own a car due to a back injury and have not had insurance for coming up to 2 years, I do have 9 years or more no claims and I would like to protect these, is it possible to do this with any UK company? I would hate to lose this discount.

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5 Responses to “Is it possible to protect my no claims discount without currently owning a car?”

  1.  Fred K says:

    Buy a cheap old car – say a, Mini 1000, insure it as a classic with a very low limited mileage use, this should be relatively cheap – then do the sums, how much do you spend to keep the NCD as against the the cost when/if you do start driving again without the NCD

  2. boy boy says:

    if you have proof of your original ncb from 2 years ago …ie the company name etc then there should not be a problem …ring direct line ..ask them

  3. champer says:

    Afraid not, this can only be done with a policy in force. However, if you’re planning on taking out insurance now most insurers will accept evidence of a ncd for up to about 2 years ago.

  4. EvelynThe ModifiedDog. says:

    2 years is usually the maximum amount of time any insurance company will allow a NCB to lapse. The only way of doing it is as has been suggested to buy and insure a really cheap car.

  5. Timbo is here says:

    If you do not have an insurance policy on a car in your name for 2 or more years then it will be lost – sorry but no way round it but to get a car and insure it

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