is it possible to remove permanent marker?


im buying a hockey top which has a few signatures on and want to get rid of them, the top is similar to this:

the signatures are on the white bits, is it possible to get rid of them?


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6 Responses to “is it possible to remove permanent marker?”

  1. Emma says:

    No , unfortunately you cannot remove the PERMANENT marker. The signatures will fade a little with each wash but there will always be a feint mark there………………

  2. prince says:

    no its not that’s why its called permanent

  3. doughnut says:

    yes burn the top

    that should sort it !

  4. Christina says:


  5. Chloe says:

    I had the same problem! I soaked it in hot water mixed with nail varnish remover for a couple of hours, then scrubbed the signatures, and then put it on a vanish wash, worked a treat!!!

  6. dobelove says:

    Try ACE stain remover liquid however you may have to use it several times until it fades.

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