Is it safe to put studio these headphones in my computer?

are they designed like that? will it be safe to put them in my ipod too?
would the headphones get damaged?

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3 Responses to “Is it safe to put studio these headphones in my computer?”

  1. jonal says:

    The phones will be fine. I use big Sennheiser 500 and 580 quite often on my computers…desktop and laptop.
    All you need to worry about is the impedance and sensisitivity.
    Higher impedance phones like 120ohms will give you lower volume than lower impedance ones but if they have a higher sensitivity it’ll make up for that.
    Normal is 32-64 ohms with 32ohms being most common.
    The iPod doesn’t have the same power handling capacity as a computer sound card but most phones will work OK.
    Best though is to stick with lightweight phones like the Sennheiser PX series or earbuds like the CX-300…a classic and well known upgrade for iPods. . . . . .
    . . . . . .

  2. AVDADDY says:

    Of course. No worries. They’ll sound great, but they’re mighty heavy. You won’t damage them unless you try hard to do so.

  3. old know all says:

    They’d work, but they’d be a dreadful waste of money. The sound quality from your computer and definitely from your iPod wouldn’t do them justice. Never spend more than a tenner on computer headphones.

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