Is It Too Much To Keep Trying To Get A Certain Color Of A Used Car Of Around Two Thousand Bucks?

I just really need a car right now. But I want red color of the model. But the model has been sold only between 1993 and ’97. Even the used cars are very little to choose from out there (ten to twenty on craigslist for VA, where I live). New used car postings come up online at a rate of around one a month. I even plan on traveling to New York (5 hours by bus), where twenty to thirty used cars are on sale on craigslist.
I have a tight budget, it can’t go anywhere over $2,500.
With this already limited selection, and budget, do you think it is too much to keep trying to have a specific (red) color of the model? I mean, I’m asking this, as I was, just before, searching on the net on the same sales information over and over among the only twenty to thirty posts. I just need to get this model. I’m hooked. But I think I need to have the color.
Will I just get over the color thing and be satisfied just by the car itself, if I buy one with a different color?
Some people say “are you even considering getting the car with a specific color you want? you just need to get the safe, strong cars for that money.”
I feel like I might get the red car, but I just don’t find it now. and I just want to have my first car so bad with this model by honda.
p.s. It’s Del Sol.

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One Response to “Is It Too Much To Keep Trying To Get A Certain Color Of A Used Car Of Around Two Thousand Bucks?”

  1. Evil C says:

    Beggars can’t be choosers. If you really need a car that bad, but can’t find it in the color you want for your budget, you’re gonna have to make sacrifices and compromises. If the model of car you want in the color you want is unattainable, you’re just going to have to accept that fact.

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