Is it true that the Scotish government offers discounted flats/houses?

I heard that the scotish government offers flats and houses at discounted prices but to people with low income. Is this true and can someone shed some light on this please.
Thx in advance !

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  1. ruby_suze says:

    the council used to sell you your house. the longer you stayed in it the bigger the discount, apparently it has all changed and they are no longer selling house unless the buyers have been in it seven years from the date the council changed the policy due to the fact that the council are struggling to find people houses as a hell of a lot of them have been bought up

  2. Buttons says:

    i don’t know if Scotland are doing it but i know the government in general are offering to put 15% towards people with low incomes who want to buy a new build house.
    If that’s any help, oou! some home builders are offering to put 5% deposit down for you if you buy one of their new builds.

  3. candlejill says:

    There are various schemes on the go where affordable housing as it is called can be purchased on a shared equity basis where the government puts up a percentage (25 I think) of the purchase price and it can be repaid later. This means that the mortgage you take out is less and the monthly payments are less but you will be able to take out a remortgage in say 10 years to cover what is owed to the government. Some private developers are doing this too and it takes away the need for a deposit as the equity share counts for the amount you would normally have to put down. The difference with the government scheme is that there is a limit to what price can be paid and the scheme only applies to houses in the lower quartile of prices in that area. I.e in my town a 2 bed flat is between 90 and 170K so the sceme only applies to 2 bed flats purchased for 90 to 110K = the bottom 25 %.

    Hope this helps. A mortgage advisor will normally be aware of the schemes and would be able to advise further.

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