is it wrong for british firms to move the work overseas?

when it puts british workers on the dole,call centres,textile industry ,steel manufacturing are just some examples over the years.marks and spencers should hang their heads in shame,all the clothing they sell comes from abroad. i think it should be stopped and sending johny foreigner home might be the start of our recovery.

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  1. sherlock says:

    A very good question, with far reaching consequences.

    British firms, encouraged by the Government have been decieving the British consumer for a long time, you quote Marks & Spencer, a huge retailer of Chinese products (outside the food dept virtually everything is Chinese), but nowhere do they boast about it. It may be "Italian inspired" or "Italian cloth" but their clothes are made in China, it says so on a little label tucked away out of sight!

    Some firms use "reputable" branding to disguise Chinese products, Hardy sporting goods (typicaly English ,displaying three "by appointment" Royal Warrants), same with their other brand Greys.

    Barbour Clothing advertise "Best British clothing for worst British weather" now source products from China.

    Berghaus, Roberts Radio, Pure Audio, Burberrys all premium products at premium prices Made in China.The list goes on & on!

    The reason is simple, buy cheap from China, sell at huge profits, 1000s%, no workforce, no factories, no trade unions, no health and safety, no capital manufacturing equipement and no raw materials.

    But they are not the ultimate villains, they are the consumers who blindly buy these products without thought for the damage-decimation of British industry, unemployment, no future industrial development, no prospect for future generations and an economy that is reliant on the retail industry.

    How many products around you are Chinese?

    The Government are powerless to reverse this situation, indeed they do not want to, they benefit from increased taxation revenue VAT and capital gains tax.

    Their friends the Banks make billions out of the exchange rate mechanism that they would lose with British products, they own credit card companies and fund retailers.

    The only people who have the power to save our industry, workers and Nation are British consumers buying genuine British goods.

    Its our Country we can support or sink it!

  2. Magicpie says:

    of course its wrong but its all about money, if its cheaper to do it somewhere else they are gonna manufactur abroad unless british workers want to take a pay cut etc. Sad but its gonna happen more.

    I remember when i worked as a cnc operator and they where moving all our work to india and i was getting made redundant two weeks later. They wanted me to teach indian workers who flew over how to do the job. I walked out the day they arrived.

  3. Great Pumpkin says:

    Yes, its downright wrong.

  4. Elizabeth G says:

    If you think it’s wrong, then you will think that Japanese cars, MacDonald’s,Burger King etc shouldn’t be here either, which is ridiculous.

  5. ejb199 says:

    we are all happy to pay the cheaper prices though that comes with moving the work elsewhere. most things get outsourced these days because it is simply cheaper.

  6. old know all says:

    Companies are in the business of making profits for their shareholders, not for providing jobs to British shirkers. If your work can add value to the goods or services a company provides, you’ve got a job. If you think that the world, or at least UK plc, owes you a living, your potential employer is going to look elsewhere. During our recent years of booming economy, employers have been keen to take on anyone who’s available at any price. Now we’ve hit recession, certain sectors have priced themselves out of a job. If Johnny foreigner is prepared to work and rebuild our economy, let’s keep him and send the workshy British to Australia.

  7. SCE2AUX says:

    Nothing wrong with it at all. Why keep a company domestic if you can make the product cheaper overseas. People in Britain like socialism? Let them see what happens when Atlas shrugs, and the same goes for the rest of the West.

  8. Greyeagle says:

    YES! It’s very wrong but America,land that I love started that mess under the watch of Bill Clinton and that is what brought our economy to the crappy mess it is now in! Clinton got Nafta pushed through and we have been on a down hill out of control ride ever sense!

  9. elo2joe says:

    people are allowed to vote with their feet.When we shop we can choose British Made or pay a little less and buy imports.Our choice.
    If you would prefer not to talk to some one in an indian
    call centre change your supplier.

  10. Political Junkie & a proud Repub says:

    I think it’s wrong, but what can ya do? Businesses are like people, you really can’t stop them from shipping jobs overseas if that is where they want to go. Businesses go where the tax burdens aren’t so heavy.

    I’ll keep you guys in my thoughts. Times are rough over there, too, I know. Maybe you should chuck Gordon Brown. Have a revolution :).

  11. The Mechanic says:

    Of course it is wrong . but if the government put a ban on all goods produced by such firms , you would see the them squeal. There greed
    is is measure of who and what they are . AND IT ISN’T BRITISH THAT’S FOR CERTAIN.

  12. andrew c says:

    We should all live in the way OLD KNOW ALL would have us live,20 people in a two up two down terraced house,10 on the day shift ,then 10 on the night shift all working for minimum wage.Its obviously too good for the British worker and his family to work full time in a physically and mentally demanding job (that’s husband and wife working) then claiming benefits (which they are entitled to) as the pay does not take them above the official poverty line.So know all,s claim of workshy British goes out the window so wheres the problem/is it greed, is the British worker asking to much in pay for the work they do ,why are so many presently working for pay that without benefits they would be officially living in poverty whilst working.It used to be the case where a husband could go out to work full time and support his wife and children,now we need the husband and the wife at work and help from the government just to exist,and by existing that’s just keeping a roof over the family’s head feeding and clothing them,no cars or holidays.Should all the people in this position say "that’s it,i’m no longer going to bust my arse working for no reward ,i may just as well exist on benefits the country would be finished.So know all ,get a better perspective on how the people who keep this country going are living,that little bit of pride they have left keeping our elderly citizens looked after,keeping your bins emptied ,keeping our hospital wards open,keeping public transport running and such.Its not much fun going to work each day to a job you enjoy knowing that due to the pathetic pay you will never own your own home,perhaps never get to go abroad for a holiday never have a decent car.And if that isnt enough you get some one like know all calling you workshy and the " country owes me a living type".
    Anyhow back to the question,practically every non-food item we buy can be produced abroad for a fraction of the cost and even foodstuffs that are imported are much cheaper so unless there is a buy British mentality our manufacturing industry is on the way out.And as for immigration unless we live like many of my asian freinds did in the seventies(20 per house) and as a lot of my african freinds are doing now (several to a flat) we will need more as they are the ones that can climb out of poverty much quicker whilst working for minimum wage due to much cheaper housing costs and the gap between minimum wage working and benefits has almost closed which will make it more beneficial for many not to go to work.

  13. Aslan aka Mirsa says:

    "sending johny foreigner home might be the start of our recovery."

    that has nothing to do with sending work abroad. All companies that do this should be banned from the UK, they are cost cutting and trying to make a larger profit-simple as.

  14. Scarlett write says:

    If you were a business owner i doubt you would risk sacrificing your business by staying on British soil at all costs when you could move abroad cut costs and stay functional. Business is Business not a practice in nationalism! How exactly would you define "Johnny foreigner?" you would have a hard time justifying the repatriation of people who are second /third generation British born to foreign parents.

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