Is my contract a good deal?

Well I’m getting a new phone, and I want it on contract with Virgin Media. So I was wondering if this is a good deal?
Samsung Galaxy Note II
24 Month Contract
On Virgin Starter 37
200 minutes + Unlimited texts + 500MB internet + £49.00 upfront cost = £37.00 Per month

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3 Responses to “Is my contract a good deal?”

  1. Agon says:

    A galaxy note II? Hmm…. a bit too big of a phone I’d say, but other than that, that’s a good deal. But does the internet get set to 500MB each month or is that all? If it gets set to 500MB each month, it’s a good deal. If not, it still is a good deal.

  2. Cameron says:

    If I was you I would buy the phone on payg. Then I would put It on 3. It is £10 a month and you get unlimited texts, 200 min and unlimited data. If you are keeping the phone for a long time the 3 contract will work out cheaper. Hope I helped

  3. david h says:

    24 * £37 = £888 Plus £50 = £938

    Well its a lot of money , it just depends on if you like your Samsung Galaxy Note II .

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