Is My Dad Cheap Or Am I Just Being A Spoiled Brat?

I haven’t got clothes since I was 12. I’m 14 now and have grown since then. My pants don’t fit at all. Think of Michael Jackson’s pants that he wore with the white socks and the glove. Except they’re blue jeans and a bit longer. I only got three shirts and one pair of pants. Ugh. I actually have to wear some shirts 3 days in a row so I at least have something to wear over my hoodie. That hoodie was bought when I was 11, but it still fits, and it’ll probably last me another year or so. My shoes are hand-me-downs. The shoes are dirty, the liner has holes where my heels are, and a lot of other stuff. I’ve been looking at this shirt and I want it, but it’s $15. The pants I want are also $15. They aren’t even name brand; just stuff at discount stores like Target. Also, my dad’s really cheap. I wanted a candy bar at the store one time so I could at least have something besides a sandwich for dinner, and it was 80 cents. He yelled at me in the entire store (of course, nosy people just had to stare) about how expensive 80 cents can be.
Before you answer:
1. I can’t get a job because I need a job permit. To get a job permit I need a job offer.
2. Even if I get a job permit, who’s gonna drive me to my job? The nearest job is 5 miles away, and that’s a really long distance for me to walk. I have asthma and I can’t even walk 1/8 of a mile without running out of breath, and inhalers don’t help.
3. No. I’m not going to respect my dad’s selfish rules. He’s very cheap on the family, but he just got a Jeep a few months ago, and that was a day after the 80 cent incident.
4. I’m sorry that you have no dad, but who are you to say I have no right to complain? Just last week, he choked me just because I wouldn’t give him my mail. He swears at me and puts me down all the time. There’s no reason he should be acting like this because his parents are some of the nicest people ever, and even they’ve admitted that my dad’s a jerk.
5. I’m aware of the kids in Africa, and how I should appreciate this and that. But clothes are a necessity. I’m not asking for name brand. I just want new clothes.

I’m sorry if I sound mean, but that’s just who I am. And I’m sorry if I went off-topic anywhere. I’m just trying to save 5 points so I’m mixing in some questions with this.

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9 Responses to “Is My Dad Cheap Or Am I Just Being A Spoiled Brat?”

  1. Taylor says:

    I would talk to your mother or grandmother about it, but your dad seems like a violent person, and he cant open mail addressed to you without your permission, it is illegal. and as for your situation you need to think is getting chocked/beat/having no clothes worth it, because you can call child services on him

  2. Silber says:

    I think your dad should buy you some new clothes. I’ve gone without clothes longer than two years, well in my adult life anyways but when I was growing up my mother always got me new clothes every year and by new clothes I mean thrift store clothes. Didn’t have the luxury of going anywhere else b/c my mother was a single mom and raised 5 kids on her own. She was a hard worker and always put her kids first and even though it wasn’t name brand stuff I was still thankful because I knew my mom was going without even that. If you dont want your grandparents thinking you are using them then maybe you could do some work for them around their house or something to pay them pack. Just a suggestion.

  3. CembieB. says:

    No i think thats perfectly fair. (your side) a parent needs to supply there children with atleast the nessesitys. But i dont think the problem is your dad is cheap, i think hes just as you say, a jerk. If he puts his hands on you and yells at you the problem is even more deep seeded that that. I dont have a father, but what i remeber of him as a child id rather live without him. Since your grandparents know hes a jerk have you tried talking to them about the clothes, maybe they will give you alittle bit of money to buy some nice things?

  4. jusjess2 says:

    He sounds cheap and violent. Clothes at fourteen are a necessity. You are a growing boy and all. Not to mention the social suicide of wearing old clothes to high school. It sounds petty, but that is the way it is in first world countries. Awkward clothing overgrowth=bully target. Try a nicer relative and maybe try Goodwill? It sucks, but you can find some nice, “gently-worn” stuff if you dig deep enough.

  5. Plzdontp says:

    First of all, I am sorry that you have to go through these things. Especially at such a young age. My situation when I was younger was a bit like yours but no violence involved. My dad worked his butt off to support me and my two siblings as well as my materialistic mother. She worked and spent all of her money on herself and then she spent most of my dads too. I know this may sound funny, but my brother, sister and I used to go and rake yards for money or do odd jobs for neighbors to get the money up to buy new clothes. Then we would split the money 3 ways and go to good will or a local thrift shop. You can always find new or like new clothes. The only one that will know that it came from a second hand store is you. You could also sit your dad down and show him your whole wardrobe. Tell him that you aren’t asking for a lot and that you would even compromise to going to a second hand store. You’d be surprised. You might even find the pants and shirt that you want there. Good Luck.

  6. just_val says:

    Do you have any relatives that will give you more hand me downs? Or you can go to the salvation army for some clothes.

  7. Harley Quinn says:

    You should call CPS he isn’t giving you the essentials you need!seriously choking,a sandwich for every meal aand no clothes that fit you,this is child abuse! I get my daughter new clothes every 6 months ready for summer/winter!
    Stay strong hunni!

  8. cjsmummy says:

    No,your dad is more than cheap,he sounds abusive.Clothes and shoes should be bought on a regular basis.You really need to talk to a social worker or to your mum/grandparents.You need to get out of that house and fast!

  9. Annelise says:

    This sounds like a dangerous situation. Talk to someone at your school, preferably an adult that you absolutely trust and know that they would believe you. If you have a close friend that you trust as well as his/her parents, then talk to them. This situation is more then just clothes, it sounds dangerous. Get help, and no your not a spoiled brat for asking for necessities. You don’t want your mom to go to jail, I understand that. But is he hurting her, you? Is he giving both of you what you need? Do you want to be safe, do you want her to be safe? There is a way that she can come out of this with you, both of you safe and with the things you need. I cant decide anything for you, but don’t give up, stay out of danger, and be safe.

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