Is My Mb Compatible With My New Case?

Gota rush this question, I am getting this case here: Whoosh:
I have a M68MT-S2 MB Gigabyte make.
Will this MB fit or will I need a new one, if so it is no trouble.
Also I have a 500W PSU, I think, will that be able to power the same pc AND the 4 mounted fans included in the new case or should I go for a better PSU?
Also, witty comments are not appreciated, thanks.

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One Response to “Is My Mb Compatible With My New Case?”

  1. Filenotf says:

    micro atx and atx form factors will fit in almost every single case in existence (well other them maybe mini isx cases, since those onyl fit mini itx boards since they are super small).
    That board is micro atx so yes, it will fit fine.
    (tho that board is horrid garbage… idk why you would opt for getting an nvidia 630 chipset board :3)
    As for your PSU, 500W means nothing. The only thing that matters on a psu is the 12V amperage/power, since 95% of all power usage is on the 12V rail lol.
    if you have a 500W with 200W on the 12V rail, its a pos and wont power any graphics cards at all lol
    if you had a 350W psu with 324W on it, then it would be much better then the above example, since it has alot more 12V wattage.

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