Is My Pokemon Team Any Good?

Me and my friends are doing a tournament and the prize is a $20 steam voucher, and I just wanted to see what you guys think that I could change and/or improve on.
Lvl 100 Arceus
-Future sight
-Hyper beam
Lvl 100 Giratina
-Shadow claw
-Aura sphere
-Shadow force
Lvl 100 Regigigas
-Confuse ray
-Dizzy punch
-Crush grip
-Zen headbutt
Lvl 100 Cressilia
-Future site
-Aurora beam
-Psycho cut
Lvl 100 Rayquaza
-Air slash
-Hyper beam
-Extreame speed
-Dragon pulse
Lvl 100 Groudon
-Earth power
-Fire blast
-Solar beam
There is no filter on what ones you choose.

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3 Responses to “Is My Pokemon Team Any Good?”

  1. Brayan says:

    It’s ok.

  2. Chandramouli Subramanian says:

    The main strategy in pokemon that many don’t know physical moves depends upon attack and special moves depend upon special attack, so check your stats and the nature of your pokemon.
    Without the above strategy, all the move sets are useless.

  3. CrazyJ says:

    Is awesome!!!!

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