Is My School Breaking Any Laws?

You see, i go to a school that has just become a magnet school in august. Even though my school is magnet, they are working up to become IB. ( International Baccalaureate ) i am an 8th grader at this school. but the thing is, my school gives us IB work and projects , NOTE that we dont get the GPA points from it. we even have an IB grade on our report cards. Our work is hard and ridiculous. We have 50 minute lunch periods yet 20 minutes of it everyday is used for “lunch enrichment” in PE we have to do the longest projects and have no time in class to do them , i will copy and paste the requirements below. but my question is are they breaking any school laws?
Sports and the Economic Effect by the Media Name ______________________________
IB Research and PE Period __________________
Grade 8 Due Date: April 26, 2013
Note to PE Students: A hardcopy of your PowerPoint, with Notes Pages, must be in Coaches Doss or Makinster’s hands on this date
Student Directions: Each person will research their specific country; the country’s sport; and the media influence over the sporting event. Using electronic media create a PowerPoint presentation based on the requirements listed below. You must print a hardcopy with Notes pages (slide on top – notes pages below). Attach this Rubric score sheet with your printout.
Total possible points = 300 270 – 300 = A 240 – 269 = B 210 – 239 = C 180 – 209 = D 0 – 179 = F
Requirements Comments Possible Points Points Earned
1. Format
• PowerPoint – 12 – 15 slides
• Conventions (spelling, grammar, punctuation)
• Neat (not sloppy)
• Organized (slides are in order of requirements)
• Printed hardcopy with Notes Pages
2. Country Information
• Map of country
• Language
• Population
• Religion
• Cultural information (food, music, art, traditions, celebrations, etc.)
3. Brief history of the country
• May be a time line or bullet points 15
4. General Sport Information. Must have at least one professional sport (may add a college sport) or country’s preferred sport.
• Name of sport
• Time of year played
• How often the sport is played
• Is it seasonal? If so, which one?
• Number of games a season
• Day(s) of the week played
5. History of the sport
• Where did the sport originate (location)?
• When did the sport get it’s start?
• Who created the sport? Individual or organization?
6. Describe the game.
• What are the objectives of the game (goals, baskets, shots, etc.).
• How many players?
• Names of positions played (if any)
• Rules (simplified)
• Uniform
7. Sports Importance on the country
• Explain why the country makes a big deal about this sport. (Professional or college)
8. Recruitment
• How are players recruited?
• What criterion is used to recruit new players?
• Size, reputation, multiple wins, etc.
9. Players Salaries
• What is the criterion for a particular player’s value/salary?
• Does a private organization (team owner) pay the salary or is it paid by the country’s government?
10. Olympics
• Is this sport an Olympic sport?
• What emphasis does the country place on their Olympic sports and the participants?
• How much money does the country spend on their Olympic contenders (athletes)?
• Has the country been a host country?
11. Media Information
• Name the media that has the biggest influence on sports in your country of choice. (newspapers, TV Networks, Internet) How often?
• How do the media portray the sport? Good/bad? Explain with supporting evidence.
• How do the media affect the players? Mental ability, their salary, ad endorsements, etc.
• How do the media influence the sporting event? Attendance (ticket sales)? Vendors? (Food, souvenirs, etc.) Sponsors?(advertisers)
• How does the media have an influence on teams for or against teams?
• How do the media influence young people to play the country’s sport of choice?
12. Citations
• Minimum 3 research citations
• Minimum 4 photo/graphic citations
13. Presentation Skills (Must present to the class)
• Voice projection
• Enthusiastic and energetic
• Stance – facing audience
• Not reading with head down PE Students –
This is up to Coaches Doss & Makinster – If included, an additional 35 points will be added to total 300 points.
Mrs. Petrilak’s classes WILL present.
Teacher Comments:
: Sub Total
Extra Credit
Total Project points
Final Grade
Extra Credit Options
• Bring in a food from the country (enough for the class to sample) – worth 10 points
o Must provide paper products and eating utensils
• Guest speaker (an authority on either the country or the sport) – worth 15 points
o May not be a fellow student

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4 Responses to “Is My School Breaking Any Laws?”

  1. Patrick4 says:

    Nobody is going to read all of this. Make it briefer, if you want intelligent answers.

  2. Tom P says:

    Laws regulating schools generall specify MINIMUM content and workloads, not maximum. Being asked for a lot of work is not generally illegal. Your parents might have known you would be asked for a lot and they might feel that you need the challenge. Perhaps you can make a case for work overload to the school administrators.

  3. k w says:

    sorry bro,
    you are gonna have to look and the schools charter and rules for the evidence you seek
    best wishes

  4. The Great Quizoo says:

    Nobody is going to read all that, bud, because it doesn’t matter WHAT is says you have to do.
    Your school can assign as much work for you as they choose. Your parents have the right to vote for a new school board if they like, but until then, you do the work assigned or get marked accordingly.

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