Is My Unemployment Situation Worth Getting A Lawyer?

I was suspended pending termination in October. Never called my Union, because I didn’t care for the job; now I’m receiving unemployment benefits instructions in the mail from the company (because they don’t have to choice but to send it, right? lol ).
Now the reason I was fired was for lowering the prices on old food that has been sitting in the hot bar all day. I take some home sometimes, and customers buy some too. Now mind you, this food is not that appealing to most, UNLESS there’s a discount to it. We usually throw it away and I said to myself, “why not tag the price lower and sell it”.
When I got fired, they asked me why I didn’t ask a supervisor If I could price things down, but the thing is we never even asked if we could throw the food away in the first place, this is something we just did. Funny, thing is, i’m giving them more revenue, and it’s a problem. I read the associates handbook and it says nothing about having to speak to a supervisor before pricing down food, or selling it to the customer, or taking discount food home.
Tell me, would you buy chicken that’s been sitting in a hot bar for at least 5 hours for 5.99 a lb or for 2.50 flat rate?

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3 Responses to “Is My Unemployment Situation Worth Getting A Lawyer?”

  1. A Hunch says:

    A lawyer for what? you didn’t bother calling your union… why would a lawyer take a case even you don’t care about.
    No, companies don’t normally send information about UI benefits. That might be from your union.
    It also might help if you learn more about marketing before you determine that marking the price down increases revenue? Does it? It actually might not… maybe cheap people will now buy the food. But others, who would normally purchase at full price no longer are because they no longer trust the quality.

  2. michr says:

    where are you?
    laws vary greatly based on location/jurisdiction…..
    in the US:
    do you have a couple thousand dollars to throw away?
    if you do you could sue, if you don’t you can’t, either way you will NOT win anything…..
    whether or not a customer would rather pay a flat 2.50 verses 5.99 a pound is IRRELEVANT, lowering the price is a decision that you are NOT entitled to make
    and WHY didn’t you ask for permission?

  3. gracel31 says:

    That’s not a decision you get to make; it’s not your bar The health department has rules about food and how it’s sold.
    Whether you should have asked is very much the point. Your are employed to do certain things, and making that kind of decision is up to someone else. Just because it’s not in the handbook doesn’t mean you can do it. There’s nothing in there about wearing a tutu to work and singing Swanee River at the top of your lungs either, that doesn’t mean you can do it.

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