Is My Website Idea Good?

Okay, so I have this website idea and I’d like to get some feedback on it. My idea is basically a social networking site for businesses and stock market traders. Basically, business owners or marketing analysts, or whomever associated with a business, can come to this website and post details as well as surveys about post/pre production products. Then random people can come to the site and give feedback and vote the idea up or down. After that, once the business man wants to total up the feedback, he/she can have the feedback made into a statistical graph displaying the potential the product has on the stock market and the businesses potential in the stock market from the product marketing, sales, and release. This gives businesses a honest and ideal look at how their product can make them sales. So, is it a good idea?

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4 Responses to “Is My Website Idea Good?”

  1. Lonely Queer says:

    That’s what they have marketing for. And marketing doesn’t involve sharing their ideas publicly where all their competitors can steal them.

  2. Ms. Swarrow says:

    I think that it’s a fantastic idea. It would really give people the edge they need to start a business. You should give it a go! Good luck. 🙂

  3. Mr. Moustache says:


  4. Asker says:

    Good idea only if you follow it till the end. Never leave it in the middle, and never share important details publicly. Beware of copycats. Good luck!!!

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