Is My Work Not Good Enough To Get Business?

Im a photographer and have been in the hobby/business for over 6 years. I started out not charging. I worked with models. I got to take their pics for my port and they got photos for free. Then i started charging. I started out charging $50 then went up the more business i got. I recently moved to a new state and had people contact me about taking their photos. As soon as they found out my price i would never hear from them again. I used to charge $150 with 5 prints. Recently i lowered my prices. I didnt want to do this but i feel like i will never get any business. I hand out my cards, post on craigslist, give discounts, etc. Im not a very good business person, and that might be my problem, i dont know. Im here for advice so please be respectful. Thanks!
If i forgot to mention anything that will help sorry.
My website is

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