Is Paul Ryan’s Proposal To Slash Medicare And Lower Taxes For Rich A Smart Move For America?

If you’re not too interested in budget details, which is to say you’re a normal person, here are the basics of House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s latest plan: He wants deep cuts in Medicaid, the health program serving the poor, the near-poor, the disabled, and nursing homes. He wants to transform Medicare from an entitlement for senior citizens into a voucher program, but only starting in 2024, so the changes wouldn’t affect the 55-and-over set that tends to vote Republican. He wants to rein in general spending, except for military spending. And he wants to slash tax rates for wealthy individuals and corporations to 25%, while making up the lost revenue with unspecified “reforms.” If this sounds a lot like the plans Ryan unveiled in 2009 and 2011—with a hint of the Romney-Ryan budget plan from 2012—well, it is. Ryan is under no obligation to revise his plans just because a majority of the electorate rejected them, although it is amusing to see him claim (p. 5) that “most Americans” share his dystopic view of the nation’s current path.
My beef with Ryan 3.0–like my critique of the “radical document” that was Ryan 1.0, and my screeds about the media gushfest over Ryan 2.0– is that it gets the problem wrong and the solution wrong. It would hurt people who need help and helps people who don’t.

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9 Responses to “Is Paul Ryan’s Proposal To Slash Medicare And Lower Taxes For Rich A Smart Move For America?”

  1. Chewy Ivan 2 says:

    No. It only makes sense if you’ve had your head buried in your butt for the last couple decades and still believe “trickle down” economics will work. Recent history has proven it doesn’t, though.
    Edit for Texas Mike: I like that “rich = job creators” spin. Who says conservatives don’t love political correctness?

  2. Welfareb says:

    Paul Ryan is an inconsiderate asshole.

  3. Big Mo says:

    Nope, I hope he runs in 2016.

  4. Texas Mike says:

    Absolutely agree.
    And when you use the word “rich” .. insert “job providers” in it’s place .. maybe that will help. No one in this country has high paying jobs provided by the poor.
    Is Paul Ryan’s Proposal to Slash Medicare and lower taxes for job providers a smart move for America?
    Sounds better doesn’t it?

  5. Bug says:

    Ryan is clearly an extremist out to protect the rich. He has no interest in what’s best for this country, he doesn’t care about the poor or those in need, and he is quite clearly showing his disdain for millions of Americans who know better.

  6. Phil McGroyen says:

    Instead of trying to misrepresent and distort the Ryan plan, why don’t you actually read it, and not be told what to think about it by MSNBC or the White House. The Ryan plan is the only serious plan to restore this nation to fiscal sanity. Obama has offered ZERO to reduce his massive debt. The Democrats will obfuscate his plan to protect their generational theft from our kids. Shame on the Democrats.
    And exactly how can you state the Medicare is slashed, when even under the Ryan plan the costs soar. There are NO cuts in the Ryan plan.

  7. average republican says:

    us republican like to poop on the very people wwho voted us in
    those senior bums should get jobs …

  8. duker918 says:

    “it gets the problem wrong and the solution wrong. ”
    I’m guessing the ‘problem’ is not enough government programs/subsidies for ‘the poor’ and/or ‘the middle class’ as well as not enough ‘revenue’ and the solution is higher taxes on anyone with a ‘high’ income.
    If that is the case then the real ‘problem’ is that there exists 2 radically different views of the ‘job’ of government, especially the federal government.

  9. Captain Obvious, Defender of Sna says:

    Only if you are rich. The poorest of us would be totally screwed.

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