Is ready made food good for you?

My mum has always bought ready made food from either: Marks and Spencer, Waitrose, or Iceland.

eg: Curry, Spaghetti, Chicken burgers, Beef Burgers, chicken pies, chicken O’s, Chips (deep fried) , she fries Steak as well

My mum has never made me a meal from ingredients, and I am now 18 years old. She has always bought me and my sister ready made food for lunch and dinner since we were like 5.

She just brings homes ready made food such as those I’ve mentioned and puts them in the oven for 20 minutes and then thats our lunch or dinner

Is this healthy??? Is there anything wrong with what she is doing? Is this lazy? I have no idea what other family’s eat, is this normal??!

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  1. ckngbbbls says:

    She may simply not know how to cook. I bet you don’t know how either at this point.
    No its not really very healthy at all, especially long term.
    No all other familys don’t eat like that and surely you know that too. You have never been invited to dinner at someone elses home??
    Maybe her mother never showed her how to cook.
    YOU can learn how to cook by buying a beginners cookbook. There are many on the market for little kids. I know you are 18 but if you never cooked, you NEED to start at the beginning. Its the best way.
    Get a cook book like that, read it…pick out a recipe and follow the instructions…You will be learning basic techniques, basic terms, what the tools are for, what tools you need, etc.
    After going through one of those beginner books, you will be able to follow just about any recipe.
    My grand sons use a beginners book by Emeril Lagasse and they make all kinds of things from scratch lik Jambalaya, pancakes, waffles, hot dishes, etc. One is 14 the other is 12. They sometimes hate it when its their turn to cook but they are getting valuable education. You can teach yourself.

  2. Simon says:

    Some ready made foods are perfectly healthy, some are extremely unhealthy.
    It really depends what it is, and where you buy it from. Some of M&S ready made curries or Italian meals are very good quality and there’s nothing wrong with them. Iceland special value cheapo beefburgers, on the other hand, are cram full of fat and salt.

    You have to pick and choose. A lot of people seem to only eat ready made things, I tend to have a mixture of ready made and home made, but thats mainly because I quite like cooking them.

    If you’re that bothered, why not volunteer to cook a meal from ingredients yourself? You might be good at it.

    Whether there’s anything "wrong" with what your mum does is a matter of opinion, and like I said, if you think its wrong, cook something yourself. It’s not like she’s your servant after all.

  3. Sophie says:

    It depends where they’re from really. Anything cheap and from Iceland would be really bad for you as they’re high in salts usually, beef burgers very high in fat, chicken burgers probably contain all parts of a chicken – so the gristle etc.

    But if you spend more money, say in M&S or Waitrose, then the quality tends to be better. I think the ready meals in M&S and Waitrose are fine – maybe add some extra veggies or salad on the side if needed.

    They’re pretty expensive though and it would work out cheaper if you cooked a proper meal!

    Your mum probably doesn’t enjoy cooking – you could mention to her if it concerns you and she might make an effort to cook something at least on weekends.

    You could always cook too!

  4. KA says:

    Well its not the worst thing, but there are healtheir choices, but you are young, so you could eat anything as long as your not overweight. That being said, you could try to learn to make simple things, an omlet, a burger, some vegetable soup, or fish.
    To fry fish, add fish to a bowl with a drop of flour to give it a dusting of flour, then add oil or butter to a pan, let get hot, then put fish on pan and heat each side for three minutes.
    For vegetable soup, add a pot of water, however much you want, then add chopped veggies to the soup, let come to a broil then simmer for hour.
    Those are two simple recipes.

  5. Happiest in the kitchen. says:

    They are like eating fast food or junk.

    Frying a steak is better.

    These things appear to be healthier, however they are Not. They are loaded with filler, perservatives, extra sugars and Loads of salt.

    While it is better than nothing it is doing nothing for your body. I suggest ;erning to cook, and then aking meals for your Mom. Is she very busy, and that is why she doesn’t make anythng from scratch. In all honesty you could have been helping out Years ago. So don’t label your mother as lazy becuase you are just as bad.

  6. Hannah says:

    Some is healthy and some isn’t….

  7. Red says:

    Food like this is hardly ever healthy. Full of fats and preservatives. Bad 4 ur health. tell her 2 cook u something. Try spending time with her by cooking together. this might encourage ur mom to cook meals 4 u and ur sister.

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