Is A Good Company? And Why Do I Use Them So Often?

I received a message from AJ Malmer, of Geek Squad Autotech. Here is his message to me.
A. Nestoiter-Gravity,
Why do you keep recommending people buy from that place? They aren’t authorized dealers of anything they sell, they have numerous counts against them with the Better Business Bureau, and none of the manufactures will honor a warranty bought from a place that is not an authorized dealer!
Stop recommending people buy stuff there. It’s not helpful at all.
Geek Squad Autotech
Here is my reply to his message. What do you think?
This is response to the comments addressed to me by AJ Malmer, of Geek Squad Auotech
Dear AJ,
I understand your concern. Techronics is selling better products at lower prices than your parent company, Best Buy. Since you work for Best Buy, it is obviously in your interest to see people buying products and services from you and/or Best Buy. I understand that and I appreciate that.
What I don’t appreciate is that you make Techronics sound like a bad company using unprocessed information from the Internet.
You say they have complaints. Sure, any and every company has complaints. Even the best-run companies in the world have some percentage of complaints. FedEx, AT&T, Verizon, Apple, Honda, Toyota, BMW, Target, Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, each one has complaints. If you sell products or services, someone will not be happy about something. That’s just the nature of the beast. However, it would behoove you to take into account the number of transactions, and average amount spent per transaction, and compare these figures to the number of unresolved complaints.
If you had access to the necessary information, you would see that Techronics is doing better, in terms of unresolved complaints per dollar spent, than any one of the companies I listed above. How do I know that? I have a Business Management degree from Pepperdine University and I know how to make sense of uncooked, unprocessed, raw information that you presented. I know where to find relevant information. And I know how to interpret it so it would make sense, so you would be comparing apples to apples. I know how to do that, but, you, my friend, do not.
It took me a few hours to research and interpret information so I can answer you coherently. But I did not have to do that. I don’t work for Techronics, I don’t get paid for my referrals, I have no interest, financial, or otherwise, to recommend them, except these two.
1. Several years ago I was shopping around for parts and information to upgrade the audio system on my car. I contacted Fry’s Electronics, Best Buy, Pep Boys, Sonicelectronix, Crutchfield, Al and Ed, and at least 6 more shops that do custom audio. They had no patience for my questions. They wanted me to spend between $3,000 to $5,000 to replace 4 speakers, get an amp and a sub, and wire all this together. I could not trust any one of them because I caught them lying to me. Yes, each and every one of them lied and wanted to screw me over.
Only when I called and later visited Techronics, I received all the time and attention I wanted, on the phone and in person. They let me see their offices, the let walk and look at the products they had in their warehouse. I bought boxes and boxes of components from them to test on my car at home. Most of that I returned and got my money back without any problems. Some items I kept. I went to them several times to buy more things, to get replacements, to exchange things because something did not work. I received fast and courteous service without any hint of displeasure on their part.
2. I shopped around for good prices for weeks at a time. Do you know that if you click on some item over a period of time, many websites are set up in such way that they will raise the price of that item automatically. One week it’s $80, next week the same item is $115, the following week it will be $140. At first you get discounts on shipping, but as you frequent the site and are not buying, all the discounts vanish. I printed all the good deals and filed them for later purchase. Only when I went back, I noticed that the prices went up. It was my habit of printing things that opened my eyes to this interesting phenomenon.
Techronics did not do this. They had low prices on things I wanted. I received products from them in original packaging, sealed, without any damage.
I got good products, good prices, good services, no lies from them. Why would I not recommend them?
What do you think?

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