Is The British Benefits System Now The Harshest Compared With Europe And The Us?

The recent benefit reforms have resulted in the jobless and poor feeling they are being punished for being poor.
Jobseekers are being forced to do unpaid work but not given any choice what work they do, the only choice is working for over 40 hrs a week in big business retail as part of unfair workfare.
Disabled are being forced onto JSA and made to do workfare.
If you refuse, or are even a minute late they sanction your benefits for a minimum of 3 months to 3 years. Once you get that sanction it can’t be removed even if people do arrive on time or comply.
They tell you to apply for jobs which aren’t suitable or you won’t like. If you refuse they stop your money for up-to 3 years. Even agreeing to apply for jobs will not get sanction removed. You become homeless.
They have capped benefits so people forced to live off £71 a week without any prospect of a pay rise.
Housing benefit is being severely cut making many people homeless and forcing them to go to loan sharks just to pay their council tax.
I’m sure it’s cant be any worse in other countries probably much better. I don’t think any other country would tell people to do unpaid work or work less than the NMW or tell them to apply for inappropriate low paid vacancies.
I know in the US Jobseekers not only get paid benefits but they also get given food and drink vouchers so they can use the vouchers on essential items and keep the rest of the benefit money to save or buy things.
Do you think the Toryliberal government welfare reforms have made our benefits system the harshest in the world?
btw I use term Toryliberal government because its basically one party now with the same manifesto to help, the rich. A reverse of Robin Hood lol.

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7 Responses to “Is The British Benefits System Now The Harshest Compared With Europe And The Us?”

  1. Maxi says:

    Well Simon if you don’t like it, get a job……………………..

  2. Chris M says:

    The UK still has one of the most generous state benefit systems in the world. Unlike the US unemployment benefit is not time limited and healthcare is free at the point of use for anyone. I’d much rather be unemployed in Britain then anywhere else in the world!

  3. 203 says:

    haha people still have it very easy in Britain
    For a start benefits are not universal, there are many more countries in the world where you get absolutely zero from the state. Even within the EU countries like Spain provide very little in the way of state benefits compared to Britain.
    The fact that Britain does have such comprehensive state benefits and has done for a long time now has created a sense of entitlement for doing nothing in return amongst certain sections of society.
    It’s not unpaid work, people are being paid state benefits provided by tax payers. Why should someone get money for doing nothing or the expectation that they don’t have to do anything in return to repay society for it’s support of them?
    Personally I think it should be an outright condition of receiving state benefits that a person should do community work or something like it in return

  4. Jan409 says:

    The UK system is actually one of the best on the world
    think about it-Why do the Eastern Europeans all want to flock here along with all the other people from
    outside the EU
    In the USA they don’t get what you suggest,
    My brother lives there, and when he broke his wrist, yes he got food stamps, but he got nothing else
    and had to live on savings. Employers don’t pay sick pay, few pay holiday pay and remember health care is not free in the USA either.
    When my son was on JSA, he was offered a job in an Veterans care home. it was 18 hours a week, two buses there and back and he took it, as he’d far rather work at something than work at nothing
    Why should benefits rise, wages don’t,yet we still have to pay increased travel costs and increased national insurance contributions
    Job seekers should do work anyway, it gives them work experience and reinforces a work ethic
    Many other countries have their unemployed people doing voluntary work, so why not the UK
    If you don’t like it, then find a job yourself, that’s what most folk do, if they can
    My husband and 3 sons have all had periods on JSA so yes we know what it is like
    Fortunately they all took the first job they could, and weren’t on JSA too long thank goodness.

  5. jeffrey f says:

    The American benefit system is harsher. In America, welfare benefits are as severely capped and payment is even lower and while there are foodstamps in the US, they don’t buy much and you have to look long and hard to find a store that will accept them.

  6. thin lizzy says:

    Thousands upon thousands of people have jobs they don’t like – but the important thing is that they go to work and don’t expect the government to pay them to stay at home until they find a job they do like. For heaven’s sake, take a job that’s offered to you and go from there. Why on earth would you expect a rise in pay when you’re not doing anything to earn it?
    Apparently you have enough money to go away on holiday or take a trip to Bradford to visit your cousin, and look for for menswear stores while you’re there. If you can afford to do that and buy new clothes then you’re obviously being given far too much money for doing nothing.
    While the system in place may indeed have problems, it really is people like you who are the greater problem.

  7. Johnka says:

    Not worse than US because remeber no matter how hard they try the Tories cannot get rid of NHS.
    Poorer than most European – lokk at France.

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