Is the Excess Discount Card worth purchasing?

I will be starting at Exeter University in a couple of weeks and was wondering whether it was worth buying the Excess discount card before I start?

Also, can someone tell me how and when I should get it?

Thanks, Georgia.

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One Response to “Is the Excess Discount Card worth purchasing?”

  1. Bella says:

    Hi georgia, I hope you are excited about Uni, it will be so good. I would recommend the card, as you will definitely make your money back within the first week I reckon. They have loads of really good discounts on campus as well, which you may not think are good, but once you are down here, to get a couple of quid off your books and stuff is really useful.

    If you join a club once you get down to Exeter you will be advised by your club captains to purchase the card anyway, so while you are at home, I would get your parents to purchase it for you!! I think you can buy it on the website, or at least that is where I got mine from. I hope this helps. bella.

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