Is The Fitting Play The Sims For Adult Guy:-)?

I recently bought SimCity, mainly nostalgic reasons, because I play SimCity since when i was10 years old, the game was installed with a few other strategic games on computer which I got from my uncle as a birthday gift.
Unfortunately, the new version of SimCity had a lot of faults, but in spite of everything is wonderful. EA, for its part in the apology for the blunder from SimCity, is to give a free game, I’d like Sims 3, left me 4 more discount coupons from Smcity.
Is the guy can play the Sims, I would not want to look like a gay, but as an effeminate man, or make my friends laughed because of that:-)
But I like Sims.

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One Response to “Is The Fitting Play The Sims For Adult Guy:-)?”

  1. A says:

    My brother (23) still plays Age of Empires II since ’99. I am 16 and i dominate my Pokemon Emerald. since forever.
    If i may quote a genius:
    “It or not the games that define us, it us us that defines the games.”
    So no, you’re cool.
    PS SimCity is an awesome game, nice going.

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