Is The New First Home Buyers Grant (july 2013 Vic, Aus) Better Or Worse For Us 1st Home Buyers?

More specifically, I know now is a good time to buy but I’m not quite ready. I will have to wait til after JUly this year which means the current $7000 grant will be void and e $10000 grant will kick in. I understand this only valid for NEW properties. Annoying, since the only new property we could afford would be in an estate somewhere in a location I don’t really want to live in. But totally ok sacrificing to get into first property.
My main concern is that with the new grant, and the increased stamp duty discount- will these type of houses just be jacked up in price knowing people like me are coming their way? I’m not much of a real estate buff but am getting into it knowing we are half way there with our deposit.
Will I better off buying an old house without the grant?

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