Is The Toshiba 26el933b A Good Tv?

I want to buy a tv from amazon, its a Toshiba tv. I don’t know if its good though, I heard that the sound isn’t good but it has really cool features. Can anyone tell me if this tv is good? And if not, then can anyone suggest a better tv for under 250 pounds (GBP). I want to buy it from because I live in the UK. Thanks everyone!!

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2 Responses to “Is The Toshiba 26el933b A Good Tv?”

  1. THOMAS says:

    Bought a 40 inch Toshiba from Costco. Hooked it up . Terrible sound.Returned it asap. Bought a Sony.Its about 8 months now. Much better.

  2. V8VANTAG says:

    The EL933 is a very average TV overall. The picture is decent with reasonable colour, if a little dull and sound is very tinny indeed. If you have the bass on too high the speakers will eventually rattle at any reasonable volume. Also, reliablity wise Toshiba are not as good as they used to be. They are assembled by the same manufacturer as the cheapo brands you see in Currys and Supermarkets (Digihome, Luxor, Alba, Bush, Logik, Essentials, Sanyo)
    For a tenner over your budget, I’d go for the Samsung UE26EH4000. Its a little thicker than the toshiba but that means it has bigger speakers for better sound quality, plus the Samsung has a better picture and is generally quicker at responding to the remote control, which I find on the Toshiba the TV is a little dumb and slow witted at times.…
    (Its £270 on

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