Is There A Camping Discount Membership That Is Worth It? Good Sam For Example?

We are camping all summer 3 months or so. Can we save a lot of money if we do Good Sam or some other? We live in Oregon, USA. They all claim big savings like 80% which seems like it has to be hogwash. We will be tent camping only by the way. And I am aware of free dispersed camping.

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  1. chris w says:

    The discount memberships only save you money at private operations like KOA or anything like those. Those facilities are geared to the recreational vehicle crowd you know the big house on wheels set up. Some of those parks have tent camping area’s so it’s really up to you.
    If you are staying in county, state or national forest or parks the only thing those memberships help you with is finding the listing for the park and giving you the information you need to make a reservation which you could do on your own.
    Another less costly way to get the information is with your triple A membership. A lot of folks just have the membership for the emergency road service, what they don’t realize is that with that is a free trip planning service where they find the campgrounds and all the attractions along your route and put it all in a neat road map package. You still have to make the reservations if need be.
    The only discounts offered to state, county or national forests and parks are Senior over age 65 deals and if you qualify that really is the only deal you don’t want to miss.
    Thousand Trails is a promotional deal where private camping operations have formed an affiliation. You don’t need a membership to use their facilities but they do give priority for reservations to members and the popular destinations get booked early because of that. Their are a couple of nice ones that I know of but most are sink whole tourist traps.

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