Is There A Spring Menagerie In Your Backyard For Observation?

We have spotted a squirrel chased by a mockingbird. (First squirrel ever in our yard.) A wandering juvenile opposum. The usually visitng neighborhood cats. a few hummingbirds. a few sparrows and wrens. and our house dogs. Also saw a hawk buzz by last week..
What is out there this week?

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8 Responses to “Is There A Spring Menagerie In Your Backyard For Observation?”

  1. Micol says:

    Living here in Honduras and the Valley of the Birds, we have all sorts of beautiful tropical birds. Loads of Hummingbirds a bright blue color and another bright red, Robins, Parrots, Yellow/Brown Birds, Black Birds and a Crow or two. Woodpeckers, Wild Parakeet’s, Cranes in the canals, Owls, Buzzards and Vouchers. Geckos are everywhere. Those big lizards, can’t recall the name at the moment, and on occasion an alligator or two, frogs and toads. Two resident dogs and one Parrot. Sometime a pig or calf and always chickens to help with Mosquito control. Can’t forget 6 kids plus who swim in the pool. Other than that, it is rather quiet out there.

  2. cal lettucehead says:

    We get the same old, same old, not much variation. There are two bird feeders in the back yard and a pine tree nearby them. Mr. Cardinal always sits in the tree while Mrs. Cardinal feeds, and vice versa. There’s a LOT of wrens and sparrows and occasionally a goldfinch. The mourning doves, red-winged blackbirds and sometimes robins feed from the leavings on the ground. Last year there were a couple of chipmunks, boy, were they cute, but I think the dog may have killed one because they were gone after a while. I just got a new kitty and she likes to look out the window at the birds, but I don’t let her go outside at all, so she just has to sit there and make birdy wishes. There is a big unplanted field behind our house (it’s our neighbor’s and I don’t know why he doesn’t plant it) and there are lots of deer feeding, mostly at night. The rabbits come out at night, too. There used to be a groundhog that lived under our house, but I think he must have died because I haven’t seen him this year.

  3. ♥~Zebra Stripes4-Ever More~♥ says:

    We have a small yard but yes it seems to be drawing all kinds of birds. Just had a hummingbird make a nest on a climbing rose and it was right outside our window. It was so cute to see the babies hatch and the mom feed them and before that, her sitting on the nest. We have doves in our backyard. And there are a few different migratory birds that come around. Every now and then we see Possums and even Racoons but they live all over the place, lol Cats will come by though sadly we are not owning any right now or any pets right now. We do have lizards that live in the back and even front yard. The ones in the front, live behind this large Aloe Vera plant. They are so funny. They love to run in front of us as we walk down the walkway. We are always having to be careful because they are really small and we do not want to step on them. I guess they figure that they are fast enough to get out of the way in time.

  4. E. M says:

    Alas no. Where I used to live we had sparrows, jays, magpies, shrews, mice, voles etc. Where I live now I rarely see any birds, because there are virtually no trees in the vicinity. I don’t think the birds will be far away but they don’t come looking for food in this area I’m afraid. The only thing I am aware of is a grey squirrel which dug up many of my bulbs some months ago.

  5. Bert Weidemeier says:

    Not really, but the 17 year cicadas will be rearing their ugly heads and shedding their shells very soon, as soon as the ground temperature reaches 64 degrees which should be around Memorial Day.

  6. Obambii says:

    No there is not, one thing I miss about living on open land is the ability for one to see dozens of miles in any direction and be able to predict the weather

  7. CAMILLE says:

    Only flowers and butterflies and sparrows. nothing else. ((((CO))) you have more sights then I do in your yard. :)_:)

  8. Top Source says:

    Yup: snakes, toads, vultures…

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