Is there a time limit on Boots vouchers?

I’ve found £35 worth of boots vouchers, I think they could be a few years old, but I don’t see anything on them to suggest when they have to be spent by. Is there a time limit on them?

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  1. Canuck says:

    The newest ones you get in the post all have limited dates on them, but if there’s no date on the old ones, try using them!

  2. Bunny says:

    if there is no date on them you can argue that they never expire. I found principles vouchers (£70) – when i took them in they would not let me use them, I asked to speak to manager and asked her to find use by date – she couldn’t and so said they would have to honour them.

    She was not happy as she said they were about 4 years old! I was happy!

    If they do not honour them ring Boots helpline – number is on back of receipts or on their web site

  3. GER C says:

    I saw an article on a paper yesterday about vouchers and its different strokes for different folks when it comes to them. Bring them in and try. Good Luck.

  4. Lysal says:

    Have a look at the fine print. If no expiry date is mentioned then theres no time limit.

  5. happihawkeye says:

    I’ve just looked at the back of some Boots vouchers I have, and you are right, there is no time limit.

    I guess that means they have to redeem them, regardless of how old they are.

    Only way to find out it to take them along to Boots. If there is no expiry date, then I don’t believe they can refuse them.

    Good luck.


  6. paul d says:

    I would try and if they do not ask for the manager always works for me

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