Is There An Online Tutorial On Making Travel Arrangements For Your Boss? You Tube Or Other?

Some job openings require experience which I don’t have. Is there a certain website that secretaries use? What about booking rental cars and the like? How do you make an itinerary? I don’t even know how to use the airport to travel alone.

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  1. jason c says:

    U can google it somehow I guess.
    Usually company will use a travel agent to book the plane tickets/ hotels and even car rental. If travelling overseas; they can advise you on how to applied for visa.
    If they don’t use a travel agent the steps are quite simple.
    Boss give you his travel plan. Eg. Meeting in New York 28 Jan to 31 March 2013.
    1. From today you need to pre book / or reserve his flight. Ask him if he prefer business or coach, which type of seats. Window or alley. And food…
    2. Check location of his meeting; search and look for a hotel near his place of visit with the approve budget. You can find on google or some online hotel search.
    3. Prebook hotel with his credit card. Check in hotel 28 to 31 Jan 2013. Ask him; smoking or non… type of beds.
    4. Ask if he prefer town car pick up from airport to hotel or a car.
    5. If car, search Hertz or other car rental; pre book a car. With insurance and everything.
    6. 7-10 before the flight date, the agency or airline will ask you to confirm and issue the tickets. Once this issue it cannot be cancelled. Check with boss again if all is confirmed.
    7. Issue the air tickets.
    8. Give him air ticket, hotel confirmation vouchers, car rental confirmation etc etc.
    9. He is all good to go.
    +++ If you want your boss to really like you, packed a few boxes of condoms in his book. In case he travels and get lonely.
    (just joking).

  2. katie200 says:

    You either take courses or you learn as you go. Start entry level as a receptionist or clerk and work your way up.

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