Is there any discout ouchers for chester zoo?

i am going to chester zoo with my partner and two children and was wondering if anyone knows where i might be able to get a voucher or discount code just to bring the cost on a little. thanks for any help 🙂

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  1. Football Magician says:

    If your children have a Blue Peter Badge, you can get in Chester Zoo for free : A Blue Peter Badge entitles Children up to the age of 16 to get in hundreds of attractions for free including Chester Zoo as long as the attend with a full paying adult. For example if you had 2 children with Blue Peter badges they would need to attend with at least 2 full paying adults.

  2. Adrian says:

    These kind of places can be expensive.

    Genuine discount codes can be hard to find. There are some sites out there but seem to request personal details etc…

    Some other options:

    – Family membership. Expensive first hit but makes sense if you are planning to go more than
    once in a given year.

    – There is a 15% ticket discount if you arrive on bicycle. You just need this voucher:

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