Is there any good laptop trade in offers? Or REALLY good deals, has any one spotted one?

Really need a good laptop, and am student so need a good deal! Any links etc would be awesome, Thanks!

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3 Responses to “Is there any good laptop trade in offers? Or REALLY good deals, has any one spotted one?”

  1. joe.attaboy says:

    You rarely see laptop trades because old laptops are usually pretty worthless. They’re often obsolete and rarely have any resale value.

    Check the websites of the big laptop manufacturers. You’ll always find deals, you’ll get the hardware you want, and you don’t have to put up with retail store crap.

    HP always has good after-holiday deals.

  2. meestaman says: . Since you are a student, i am guessing you will not be using it for gaming. So i would advise a netbook. Have one myself and it is a great little thing. This one has 1gb ram and it is enough for anything schoolwise. Also enough for browsing. It has got a 160gb hard drive. Enough for all your schooling needs plus a bit extra. I hope you like it…. If you want a good laptop for entertainment and gaming as well as student needs. Get the acer aspire as5732z. Just search it. Hope i helped… edit: it seems like the pasting of the link didn’t work. It is called an asus eeepc 1005hab. Type it into

  3. heaney.roberta says:

    I was looking on PC worlds website because i was looking for some stuff for my laptop, and they have a massive sale on at the minute so if you want one now you better head down to PC world or check out the website ive provided thanks

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