Is There Any Proof (besides The Bible) That The Jews Have A Legitimate Claim To Israel?

Of course we can discount the bible because of all the nonsense like Deuteronomy 22:28-29:
“If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her.”

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6 Responses to “Is There Any Proof (besides The Bible) That The Jews Have A Legitimate Claim To Israel?”

  1. Christian Skeptic says:

    Well, the rules of war, as ugly as they are, dictate that the spoils of war go to the victors.
    Can’t help but feel sorry for Palestinians back in those days being forced out of their homes by men with big guns, but was what America, or what any other country did that much different?

  2. No Chance Without Gazoo says:

    They had a rather important Temple there.

  3. Ideo Fugiet says:

    It’s called UN Resolution 181

  4. Ambassad says:

    Nothing that is truthful comes from any other source but God and His perfect and inerrant word!
    . . . There is still time for you to receive the free gift of forgiveness. Today, is the day of salvation.
    Your complete ignorance of the oracles of God is brilliantly displayed in your question!
    If you are serious about learning what the scriptures truly say about this matter, I will be glad to teach you. Be very prepared to spend months, and then years to know what they really say.
    Are you in, or are you going to remain in the darkness?
    You rise up against God with malicious intent! Your love of sin, and your continuous rebellion against God are obvious.
    It is that obvious of what you are, by just your question, but I will help you if you truly care about life and the value of life.
    Repentance toward the Father, and faith in Christ Jesus.
    He died for our sins, according to the scriptures.
    He was buried.
    He rose again on the third day, according to the scriptures.
    ~The Gospel~ Font and center, full and complete.

  5. Aurorah says:

    well possession is nine tenths of the law – see the British mandates regarding Israel while you are at it

  6. ? says:

    there are many archaeological evidents for ancient israelite kingdoms and settlement in the area of modern israel.

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