Is there any replacement for Thermal boards for under-tile electrical heating?

I’ve bought electrical heating mat kit to put in the new kitchen, but although a layer of the cement floor has been taken out – it is still not deep enough to put the thermal boards and mats and tiling on – or the flooring in the kitchen will be higher then everywhere else and being an open plan – this is not going to look good..

Does anyone know if there is any substitute for the Thermal boards? Something you can just roll out.. Or pour in.. Because I guess there is very little point laying electrical thermal mats directly on the concrete floor – all the heat will go right into the ground.. Although it does say in the product description "produced with PTFE insulated heating elements and a 100% earth screen" – I have no idea what that means..


Oh, here is the link of what I mean, just in case I am not making myself clear:

Thermal boards:

thermal mat kit:

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4 Responses to “Is there any replacement for Thermal boards for under-tile electrical heating?”

  1. Etherglide says:

    Yes you can lay a heat mat directly on a concrete sub-base. Heat will always transfer upwards through the adhesive and then into the tile. You can either tile directly ont top of the heating mat totally encapsulating the heating element in a flexible adhesive or you can use a flexible self-levelling compound to reach a required floor height before you start tiling. Don’t forget to get a flexible grout. Good luck.

  2. W. C. says:

    No thermal board substitute that I know of…sorry.

    Good luck…

  3. tanya e says:

    there is no need for Thermal boards on concrete floor, u just need the heat mat for concrete floor then just self level. U will not loose any heat.

  4. dazzii says:

    you can tile directly on to it

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