Is There Any Way I Can Get My Parents To Get Me An Ipod?

Okay so my iPod is 3rg Generation and since it’s so old I cannot update it to Whatever IOS number it is now. There’s probably no way I can get a new iPod unless someone else buys it for me. I can barely get $3 from my mom for lunch money and my dad sure as hell hates all Apple products. I was wondering of I could email the Apple store and maybe just maybe get an iPod 5th Gen for half price or some kind of discount. And now I’m like tearing because ever since the 4th Generation came out Ive been askig for a new iPod. I’ve had it since 3rd grade and I’m now almost graduating 8th grade. My parents don’t understand the fact that almost everyone I know has had a major crack in their iPod screen after a week and I have none whatsoever. And on top of all that my parents have to save up for college for my sister graduating next year, my graduation dress, and it’s all so fustrating. I want so many things but I’ve web asking for so long and I can’t take it anymore.

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One Response to “Is There Any Way I Can Get My Parents To Get Me An Ipod?”

  1. Daniella says:

    Earn it you have to let ur parents be proud of u and then they will give u a treat or just do wat they ask u to do don’t let them tell u again to do something they already asked you to do

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