Is this £5 ebay voucher genuine?

Ebay sent me a voucher today for £5 if I use PayPal to buy on ebay. Is this a scam?
It was an email, looks really genuine and all the links go to You have to checkout using PayPal and enter a code.
And it has my ebay username in it, ‘to show it originated from ebay’

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5 Responses to “Is this £5 ebay voucher genuine?”

  1. A.Mercer says:

    How do you use the voucher? Does it give a code for you to enter at checkout? Or do you have to click on a link and sign into Ebay thru an email that delivered the voucher?

    Do not click on any links on any emails directing you to Ebay. Open up a new browser and type in and sign in directly to their site. A voucher should have a code that you can enter when paying. If it is a good voucher then that code should work. If not then the voucher was no good. If there is no code then I would be very suspicious of this.

    Also, why did you receive the voucher? Did it just come out of the blue?

  2. Laurajayne W says:

    im was 10 beat that

  3. RobisaLone says:

    Is the ten pound voucher genuine

  4. Jon E says:

    I have never had anything like that. But i know you can buy PayPal vouchers, you might want to try emailing eBay and asking them.

  5. a_n_n_a_k_i_n says:

    I don’t think so, have been on forums where users say they have received these in the post.

    If your not sure why not email them?

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