Is this a bargain or what?

I thin I’m going to save up my Christmas money and get this desktop.

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2 Responses to “Is this a bargain or what?”

  1. RICKpc says:

    Not really, never heard of the case or PSU brand. Would rather pay extra for a named brand like XFX, OCZ or Corsair

    Only 1333MHz RAM ,for the price would be looking at least 1666MHz. No listing of harddrive brand or speed, again would be looking at 7200rpm for the price

    Based on the above, its around £50-£75 too expensive. I’ve just built a i5 2500k, GTX560, 8GB DDR3 with 1TB hd for £550 and thats with better components.

  2. Vomit says:

    No, not really. You could probably build something better for less.

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