Is this a bargain or what?

I’ve been offered a 42" LCD tv for 40quid, the volume button doesn’t work, but for that price i reckon i can’t turn it down….

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10 Responses to “Is this a bargain or what?”

  1. Angela P says:

    hehe i started asking myself why is this question in the jokes and riddles bit ,then i got it duh haha

  2. Kasey says:

    turn what down, the volume or the deal ; )

  3. John M says:


  4. nipnip says:

    heard that joke before on Y/A

  5. __ says:

    I don’t get it :S

  6. Rose D says:

    You cant turn the deal down or volume down?…confusing question mate!

  7. mistymiss says:

    Use the remote control

  8. meeeeeeeee says:

    that’s not very good…

  9. Ryan M says:

    I suppose , you couldnt turn it up or down when you think about it

    Best Answer Please 🙂

  10. cutie_pie2682 says:

    haha thats a good one love it XD joker 😀

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