is this a bargain or what?

I just got the rock most electrifying man in sports entertainment dvd for £3 reduced from £30 in a sale and trust me I’m not kidding, though I wouldn’t blame you if you thought I was

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8 Responses to “is this a bargain or what?”

  1. neil c says:

    Where from? I wouldn’t mind a copy. Although Sky Sports put the WWE specials on a couple of months after general release I’d like an original copy without ads.

  2. Angel Diva Love says:

    av got deals like that too
    like i got this wwe anuall for £2

  3. Laura C says:

    yes that is a good bargain 😀

  4. Childsmum says:

    A bargain is only a bargain if it something you need. If you get it because it is a bargain then it isn’t a bargain it is just a way of getting you to part with your hard earned cash.

  5. matty d says:

    yeah we kinda dont care at all

  6. Colin S says:

    yep saw that, I bought one of them for my nephew as I already have the region 1 dvd my brother brought me back from america

  7. sizzle j says:


  8. says:


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