Is This A Fraudulent Company?

I went to a website today ( to purchase the G Fuel product I’ve purchased before from them. They released a new flavor so I wanted to give it a try. They had some contest going on where they sponsored YouTubers as discount codes and if your YouTuber won, then you could get entered into a giveaway contest. So I went to the discount section drop down menu and tried to find my favorite YouTuber. I found a offer that said “Free Member Product” which made the price $0.00 per product and required only shipping payment. So I decided to order (50) tubs of the product because, “Hey, I only pay for shipping.” So the shipping came to $16.05 and that was the total. I placed the order and it went through. Then the website emailed me saying they cancelled my order and took the offer off the website. Am I entitled to 50 tubs of the product or not? Is this a fraudulent company? How would you handle the situation?

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