Is This A Good Bedroom Plan?

Right, so for my birthday I’m getting my bedroom redecorated. And I need to know your opinion on whether it sounds good or not, or what would be better.
My room is quite small, the smallest room in the house not including the bathrooms. It can only fit in a certain amount of furniture.
I have decided to go for this sort of shade of blue, as it is my favourite colour. –{C808346B-90F7-4749-952C-526A36C793A7}
The colour I have chosen for the furniture to be is white, to go with the carpet.
So I decided to go for this set of things:
And I have also decided to get a double bed, hopefully. So I chose this bed frame:
And then I would have to buy a mattress:
Also, I will need a duvet cover so I was thinking this one, so it would go with everything:
It would be good to find another one to fit the same needs. Also, I have two windows which lets in quite a lot of light during the day.
What do you think? Yes? No? What would you change? Can you find anything better? – Just to mention it can’t be ridiculously overpriced, at least under £100, £150 at most. I have to pay for most of this and I don’t want it taking years to payback.

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