Is this a good BT deal?

Having spent 20 years with BT, 10 of them as a broadband customer, I realised that I was being fleeced. I paid £30 per month for unlimited 8mb broadband and a further £13 per month line rental on my phone.

Having shopped around, I discovered a Sky deal with TV/variety pack, unlimited 20mb broadband and free evening and weekend calls-all for £27 per month. SKy also offered the option of paying my 12 months line rental upfront at a rate of £9.25.

I was so sold by the offer that I called BT to cancel my account so I could take up Sky. I got through to what must have been their retention centre, having received an explanation for my departure, the helpful man asked me to wait a few minutes as he thought they could match Sky’s offer.

He offered me BT Vision Gold, unlimited 20mb broadband and free UK anytime calls for £25 per month and the chance to pay my 12 months line rental upfront at a price of £10 per month.

I understand that Sky TV is better due to their flagship channel Sky 1 and the upcoming Sky Atlantic, and I do love quality TV. However, staying with BT can only improve as a 25 year stint with them is likely to earn me greater weight when it comes to renewing my contract or not next January.

My question is, which is better? Any help on any of the sections of the deals or information about the companies and if there are any hidden pitfalls or bonuses for either one would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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One Response to “Is this a good BT deal?”

  1. Vicky says:

    I’d go with the Sky deal.
    Loyalty clearly doesn’t mean that much to BT, otherwise they would have rewarded you by offering the cheaper deal as soonas they could, not sitting back and taking too-much money from you until you threatened to go!

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