Is this a good camera? (Link attached!)?

Hello! I would appreciate some advice. I was thinking of getting a camera and came across this deal. It looks like a good camera and the price isn’t ridiculous but I hope it doesn’t look better than it is! It’s a Vivitar VS1527 digital bridge camera. I couldn’t find any reviews of it. Here’s the link to the deal.
I like taking photos for fun and would like to develop it more as a hobby. I would like to be able to take good quality photos but I’m a student so my budget is limited! I’m prepared to spend up to £140 roughly but no more. Any recommendations?
Thanks for any feedback! 🙂

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5 Responses to “Is this a good camera? (Link attached!)?”

  1. Dillon James says:

    Thats good, but you should look into the

    Fujifilm S3400

    Thats more along the lines of epic and well priced

  2. James says:

    you’ll get more for your money buying an older used Fuji bridge (9200 / 9600 models i think fantastically capable cameras for a beginner) or look for a more recent panasonic lumix bridge

  3. Vinegar Taster says:

    Vivitar, Kodak, and GE are all future paper-weights. The most for your money would be a Fujifilm Finepix bridge camera. They are well made & have a viewfinder you can look through.

  4. AWBoater says:

    I don’t know how else to say it, but Vivitar is pretty much a bottom-feeder. And in my view, Fuji is not that good either – at least their low cost cameras. I had a S2950 and the lens was horrible.

    You would have a lot better results with a Canon SX130.

  5. CiaoChao says:

    Why don’t you buy a second hand DSLR such as a Canon 300D or 350D or Nikon D40, D50, or D70. They’re all around the £150 mark, and are really good cameras.

    The Vivitar on the other hand is the worst of the worst.

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