Is This A Good Computer Build?

I was wondering if this is a decent build for a gaming computer.
Suggestions and improvements would be most helpful.
Only have a budget of around £700

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5 Responses to “Is This A Good Computer Build?”

  1. Pinhead Larry says:

    I wouldnt see why not. Although i would recommend a better psu. Say, 700W.

  2. n/a says:

    Get a different CPU cooler

  3. Jake says:

    Its pretty good.

  4. Mike.Sen says:

    Yeah it’s good for one screen at 1080p, should run just about anything on Ultra.
    I’d make a couple of changes if I were you though.
    1. Get an 80+ rated power supply
    2. Leave out the after market CPU cooler, you wont need it
    3. Upgrade your processor to an i5 3570
    That’ll play any game currently out, on ultra, at 1080p.
    Damn people with no computer knowledge down voting correct answers. Go Yahoo Answers community, woo.

  5. Georg says:

    That looks like a nice build. It should keep you happy for a couple of years.
    Here is a link to get the best on-line prices and make sure all your parts are compatibil…

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