Is this a good contract deal?

It’s for a samsung galaxy s2 ands I have to pay a £50 upfront fee and then £25 a month, and if I get insurance it will be around £32 a month. So is this a good deal?

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One Response to “Is this a good contract deal?”

  1. Pretzel says:

    Well i don’t know how long the plan goes on for but if it’s about a year: 50 + (25 x 12)= 350 (so that’s without insurance)
    50 + (32 x 12)= 384 (that’s with the insurance)
    if it’s for 2 years (some are) With insurance it would be: 818
    without insurance: 650

    so it would pile up. However if the perks are what make or break a deal. Unlimited SMS? Do you text all that much or do you prefer to call? If the perks fit what you need then go for it.

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