Is This A Good Desktop?…
I have my screen sorted out already. Is there any other desktops you can find from the same website at the same price. I only have vouchers for Currys

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4 Responses to “Is This A Good Desktop?”

  1. Jeffrey says:

    yeah..That looks good.You can go for that!!!

  2. Thomas says:

    very good pc i got one but with win 7 for xmas and they were £ 469 from pc world which
    is basicly the same as curry’s so yes looks like a good pc

  3. computer doctor says:

    Looks good with one exception. If you ever want to increase your RAM there are only two slots which means you’ll have to buy 2 – 8 GB sticks. Those are expensive.

  4. John , smith says:

    Look for something with a better graphics card , a 7750<-7770<-7850<-7870 if you intend to play any modern games .

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