Is This A Good Gaming Case/desktop?

my budget is about £200 for a decent gaming pc just going to play old games really like bioshock and team fortress stuff like that nothing hardcore.
this is the case i picked out: [cheap]–no-psu–7WFL.html?src=3
here is another one i picked-out aswell: [expensive]
pretty cheap but doesn’t look that good or by the looks of it have good airflow i was thinking of just using my old OEM case because i’m going to take the motherboard and stuff out of that and was going to put it in to a new case.
any suggestions on a new cheap/effective gaming case?
the other stuff i am going to put in is going to be a AMD radeon 6670 and a 1tb seagate hard-drive as well as a 500gb hard-drive and also i will be changing the PSU to a Corsair 600W Builder Series.

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2 Responses to “Is This A Good Gaming Case/desktop?”

  1. Lucky says:

    Yea you should be able to play games like bioshock with average settings with 60+ fps and you would get even more with team fortress. Just dont expect to be able to play most games on ultra settings with acceptable fps.

  2. C-Man says:

    Yes that will work, but I recommend getting a Radeon HD 7750 instead of the 6670. It costs about the same, but is much faster and uses LESS power! And by the way for that build you’d be well in the clear with a 500W Corsair PSU. Neither of those cards generate much heat so your old OEM case should be fine.

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