Is This A Good Gaming Computer?

My system has worked hard and is getting old so I’ve decided that now is the time to start saving for a new gaming computer. At first I had my eyes on an Alienware product and I was gutted by the price but then I had a very quick look on and I was quite surprised with how cheap some of them can be compared to a top brand name.
The problem I have with shopping for computers is that I’m ignorant when it comes to computers. This computer has good ratings and the price is very attractive but all I really understand from it is that it has twice the space on the hard drive as my current system (woop!).
The most powerful games I plan on running I believe are games like Fable 3 and Skyrim. Most of my games are as simple as counter-strike or other source games. So if you could have a look at this PC and lemme know if this is good and it’ll run my games well I’d be very greatful.
Here’s this link:

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4 Responses to “Is This A Good Gaming Computer?”

  1. Openmind says:

    yeah to play new games at medium settings

  2. Talha325 says:

    its not bad its just average i would recommend you to not to get a gaming pc because there is hardly any community on pc, i play on pc and there are like 60,000 players on-line (BO2) and in future the games will require more ram. processor and graphics power so your pc’s going to get old after 3-4 years
    and these pc’s get hot after 3-4 hours use…. totally up to you
    btw you can try they have nice gaming pc

  3. Filenotf says:

    no its really not that good.
    Gaming performance is based pretty much solely on your graphics card.
    That has an amd 6450 graphics card, which is the lowest card in that generation.
    It should be capable of running fable/skyrim on lowest settings at playable fps if you drop your game resolution to something pretty low like 1024×768.
    Id suggest for your price range, try to look for an nvidia GT630 or 640 or the amd 6570, 6670, or 7750. Those would be capable of easily handling those game at good settings and fps.

  4. Citizen DeCat says:

    I reckon it will run Skyrim at medium settings. The HD 6450 graphics card does not really cut it. I run an HD 6870 and it can run at Ultra settings.
    What you could do is purchase this machine, then save up for a better graphics card at a later date (subject to the power supply unit having the requisite 2 x pci-e 6-pin connectors).
    Edit: one of the reviewers on Amazon mentioned that the power supply is ‘unstable’, so it’s probably a cheapo generic no-brand one. Steer clear.

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