Is This A Good Gaming Pc For Games Like Skyrim And Farcry 3?

I’m thinking of buying a gaming PC. Is this a good PC for the before-mentioned games as well as games like Arkham City, Fallout 3, FIFA e.t.c?

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2 Responses to “Is This A Good Gaming Pc For Games Like Skyrim And Farcry 3?”

  1. Christia says:

    That should run those games fine.
    When looking into a pc for gaming you want to check the processor, RAM (random access memory), and graphics card. There are other areas but these are probably the most important. This product you’re showing says it has a six core processor which is alot. (The most advanced mmo I’ve seen only requires a quad core) eight gigs of ram (also plenty and I’ve never seen an mmo require more than four gigs ram). The graphics card also has two gigs. I’m not entirely sure how that plays out but I’ve seen that on Alienware models before so I’m sure you’re set.

  2. !There is no reason for Ignoranc says:

    It will run those games fine but it could do with a better card .

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