Is This A Good Gaming Pc?

Hi, I have been researching new gaming PC’s for a while now, I seriously considered building one, but now I have found this. I would rather buy one from a company than build one myself because for a start, this one comes with Windows 7, if anything doesn’t work I can get it replaced immediately, and I know it has been built correctly. So please tell me if this is a good (and good value) gaming PC for me. I want to use it for gaming, obviously, on games like BF3, Crysis 2 and War of the Roses. Here it is:…

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3 Responses to “Is This A Good Gaming Pc?”

  1. van frank says:

    Difficult to say the motherboard and PSU are not stated. Upgradability is therefore an unkown.
    However running an i7 chip it will probably have a motherboard that would take 2 560 Ti GPUs as an upgrade path. For under £800 that is not bad including VAT

  2. Gems says:

    Yes, it’s a fantastic pc

  3. Unknown says:

    It’s really nice actually. Don’t listen to the guy that said the GTX 560 Ti is an entry level card. It isn’t (hence the thumbs down). The 560 will play anything you throw at it on high. Anything more than a 560 is a waste of money, as you won’t see an improvement unless you are planning on using multiple monitors. No recent Graphics card will bottleneck a CPU, that used to happen in the age of the 9800 GT.

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