Is This A Good Gift For My Bf? He Made Things Awkward?

My bf can’t keep a secret, he already told me what im getting for xmas, and it’s a $650 item – iphone 5 without contract Yikes. Double yikes since we’ve only been dating for 5 months. He’s 33 and an engineer so i guess can afford it. But now i feel awkward. how can i compete with that gift? It’s not in my budget at all to compete in price.
So I ended up getting him a Juicer – $150 on sale from $210 so it’s a quality one and consistently very highly reviewed online. I was also thinking of maybe getting a juicing recipe book for him. He’s a health nut and works out daily so i’m sure he’ll use it.
does this sound like a good present? I’m so nervous ever since he said what he got me. 🙁

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5 Responses to “Is This A Good Gift For My Bf? He Made Things Awkward?”

  1. green says:

    don’t be scared i doubt hes expecting you to buy him something that expensive back that was a really thoughtful gift you picked out the recipe book would be a good touch too it shows you know and listen to things he likes 🙂

  2. * says:

    Yes its a good gift.. plus you don’t have to get him something equal to what he got you, its not a competition. Also if you don’t have the kind of money he does now then you can get something much less. I wouldn’t mind if my partner got me something much less expensive then what I would get him or the other way around

  3. Katie says:

    Well first of all, wow, that’s an expensive gift. And it really shouldn’t matter how expensive your gift is to him as long as it came from you. If he gets use out of it, it’s fine. Yea, you might be a little worried because of the price difference, but just remember it’s not the price that counts it’s the thought. I know it sounds crumby but it’s true.
    If he really does like you, he won’t beat you up about it (figure of speech, he won’t actually hit you). It’s not your fault if you can’t afford the worlds most extravagant gift, it shouldn’t matter. The price shouldn’t be what he likes about the gift, if it came from you it’s perfect.
    Hope it helped, and merry almost Christmas.

  4. Adan says:

    its the thought that counts… and he is a health nut, that’s the icing on the cake…

  5. Antst says:

    It sounds like an excellent present. I really wouldn’t worry.
    If you make a good salary and you got him a pencil, THAT would be awkward. But at a certain point–if both people are making good money–the cost doesn’t matter. What matters is whether the gift is appropriate for a particular person.
    For example, I enjoy hiking / running. I already have my expensive equipment (tents, etc) and don’t need more, so people often end up getting me luxury socks. I encourage them to do this because nice socks can make or break a hike for me. But even the most expensive socks don’t cost that much.
    If your relationship is healthy and you don’t make as much as your boyfriend, then he will understand that you are on a different budget. If you consistently find yourself feeling awkward because of money or stressed because you feel pressured to keep up with his spending, then you need to have a conversation with him and explain what you can and can’t afford.
    And you can put a cap on what he spends on you if that is making you feel awkward. For example, in future, don’t let him get a $650 phone. Now that you know he is extravagant, warn him before the next occasion (your birthday, for example) that you don’t expect anything expensive.
    The thing is, engineers tend to love gadgets. I would see this gift more as something your boyfriend wants and is excited about instead of something you should feel guilty about. But your awkwardness is understandable. At this point, it would probably be disappointing for him if you were to tell him to return it, so like I said, my advice is to focus on being prepared for these situations in future by having a conversation about your different budgets. Good luck.

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