Is This A Good Graphics Card To Put In My Computer?

just to play valve games and games like oblivion, portal 2 and fallout: new vegas and maybe even crysis
here is the graphics card
and here are my specs
going to upgrade the ram to x2 4gb and add a 1tb hard drive to run with the one i have now aswell

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One Response to “Is This A Good Graphics Card To Put In My Computer?”

  1. Georg says:

    I have that card in my system right now and it lets me play everything but Crysis and BF3 at good FPS at 1080p on med settings. HTLM games at HIgh and Ultra.
    I would look for a card that has at least 1GB of RAM though, Crysis needs 2GB to run right at good FPS. Most games right now will work with 1GB though.
    If you don’t go above $100 for your graphics card, I wouldn’t bother with the 8GB of RAM, staying with the 4GB of RAM wont hurt you all that much.

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