Is This A Good Laptop For Online School And Little Gaming?
it is on sale i want to play black ops 2 on it or battlefield 3 and do my school surf the web and so on is this good thanks

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3 Responses to “Is This A Good Laptop For Online School And Little Gaming?”

  1. helpmewi says:

    Yes that should be good enough to play most games.
    I got an Asus K75D laptop for christmas this year which has 8 gigs of ram and it runs MW2 prefectly.
    You really only need around 3 at the least but that would be kinda slow.
    The only thing I advise you to do is not get windows 8 because it blocks you from playing certain games and downloading certain things and it is just easier to stick with windows 7.
    Overall YES get that laptop.

  2. Lucky says:

    HP Pavillion G series are great economy class laptops. You have selected a one without dedicated graphics card. I recommend something like Pavilion g7z-2200 with 1GB AMD RadeonHD 7670M graphics. Or the Pavilion G6-2231TX

  3. Thomas says:

    its good for most things, probs not gaming. u might be able to play Black Ops 2 on low but defs not bf3 sorry bro, but there is no graphics card (intel doesnt count)

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